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Latest blog posts:

2020 in Review: Lessons Learned from Surfing January 10, 2021 - In surfing and in life in general, it's not about "getting somewhere," it's all about the journey. Fall is almost inevitable, but as long as you are willing to stand back up, the more you fall, the better you become.
Data Structures–Python vs. NumPy vs. Pandas: Why care? How they work? February 22, 2019 - Why should we care about data structures in data science? In this short article, I discussed the building blocks of data in Python and summarized the most important things about Python's native data structures, NumPy, and Pandas.
Learning Journal: Stanford Machine Learning Course by Andrew Ng January 15, 2019 - This learning journal aims to summarize the essence of the Stanford Machine Learning coursework in a way that (hopefully) most people new to AI would understand & appreciate. Additionally, I inserted lots of fun comments & graphs to clarify concepts and/or make them more relatable.