This is why I’m so passionate about my non-profit work: to make a difference and become a better leader!

  • “Busy people always find ways to do multiple tasks at the same time. That’s what leadership and good management skills all about: you being able to work with others.. be part of a team to deliver results.”
  • “You want to practice leadership skills? Go get involved with a non-profit.”

-Ronald Chang, President, UPS Capital; Chairman, NAAAP Board of Directors.

Ron’s inspiring message to all National Association of Asian American Professionals (NAAAP) officers.  #NAAAP #WeMakeLeaders

NAAAP officers from around the U.S. and Canada
2017 NAAAP National Leadership Academy in Boston, MA

Ron Chang
Ronald Chang with Cigna Asian/South Asian Colleague Resource Group (CRG) National Lead, Rich Huynh & PA Regional Lead, Zilong Zhao
2017 NAAAP Employee Resource Group (ERG) Leadership Symposium

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