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Virtual work/study groups to boost productivity.

“As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.”
Proverbs 27:17

How it works?

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2. Get matched
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3. Work/study together
Join the video meeting, briefly introduce yourself, and get working!

Productivity ninjas you might meet…


Victor is a data science actuary who is passionate about innovation and community empowerment. When he is not crunching numbers, Victor leads a corporate grassroots innovation program. When COVID-19 pandemic started, Victor left NYC to work from home in Pennsylvania. Inspired by “Work/Study with me” YouTube videos, Victor started Work.Club to help like-minded dreamers and doers to regain their productivity during the lock-down.

“We can’t go to libraries or cafes, but let’s work/study together virtually.”


Coco is Victor family’s border collie who is passionate about frisbee and culinary arts. When he is not sleeping and eating, Coco likes to jump on people to hug them. Deeply saddened by the pandemic lock-down, Coco understands it’s his duty to cheer up fellow human beings. Coco joined the Work.Club to help hard-working people understand working non-stop is not good for them–people need to take breaks to stretch (and walk their dogs).

“Give me bone, nothing will stop me from working hard–even the lock-down. Btw, follow me on Instagram: @Coco.Collie

Lemme know if you want to be featured here 🙂

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Upcoming Virtual Work/Study Groups (Public Sessions):

If you didn’t get matched, you can join one of the upcoming virtual work/study groups below.